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Jeff's GUITARS: Updated january 21, 2012
[Martin, Johnson, Fender, Samick, Ibanez, Kramer, Dean,
Hondo, ESP, Yamaha, Del Rey, Kay, Peavey, BC Rich]

Jeff's GUITARS: The old photo index. A few different pix.
[BC Rich, ESP, Ibanez, Peavey, Dean, Samick & more]

Jeff's FENDERS: Just the Fender guitars.

Jeff's CERTIFICATES & AWARDS: From my college days.
[Microsoft Certified Professional, Cisco, Brainbench]

Jeff's AUTOMOBILES: 4-wheels move the body.
[Porsche 944, Honda CRX, Mitsubishi Eclipse, Chevy S10]

Jeff's MOTORCYCLES: 2-wheels move the soul.
[Kawasaki Ninja 250R, Lifan GS C20, Pocket Rockets]

Try some COOL FLASH GAMES here.
[Exmortis, Last Stand, Kitty Cannon, The Visitor]
[Cheerleader Toss, Sushi Restaurant, Hot Dog Game]

The COOL TEST. Are you cool?

Jeff's PROFILE. Myspace Ripoff.

Jeff's BLARGH. Sorta like a blog, or not.

Download the WHOLE DANG INTERNET here.

Do NOT CLICK THIS! It's a retarded page.

Broken HYPERLINK. Don't Break My Internets.

The NINJA SIM. Experience the thrill of riding a Ninja.

Wanna be my guinea pig? Yes, ABUSE ME! My Java test page.

Jeff's Music Collection - DOCX Version. (Opens Quicker)

Jeff's Music Collection - PDF Version. (Opens Way Faster!)

Jeff's Music Database - Download the MS Access File.

Jeff's Stephen King Collection - Open the PDF File.

Jeff's Jackie Chan Collection - Open the PDF File.

Jeff's Dollhouse. No page, just pics.

Jeff's Xmas Home Page. Ghost of Xmas Past.

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Official Debut: December 04, 2007
Jeff was here, but left for beer on: July 06, 2022
(Updates in the Music Database, Stephen King & Jackie Chan stuff!)

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