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Updated On: December 24, 2007

Leave some dang gifts under my tree!!!

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NEW! COOL GAMES: Santa Sling & Snow Globe - of DOOM!

NEW! "Carol Of The Bells" Ding Fries Are Done!

Jeff's AUTOMOBILES: 4-wheels move the body.

Jeff's MOTORCYCLES: 2-wheels move the soul.

The COOL TEST. Are you cool?

Jeff's PROFILE. Myspace Ripoff.

Jeff's BLARGH. Sorta like a blog, or not.

An old HOME PAGE. It's not about retirement homes.

Do NOT CLICK THIS! It's a retarded page.

Broken HYPERLINK. Don't Break My Internets.

Download the whole dang Internet HERE!

Jeff's Music Collection - Text Version.
(Opens Slowly - Be Patient)
Jeff's Music Database - Downloadable MS Access File.

Jeff's GUITARS Coming... eventually.

Java Test Page. Wanna be my guinea pig? Yeah, ABUSE ME!

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