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Sunday, August 26, 2007

My 2007 Kawasaki Ninja 250R
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Category: Motorcycles

When I was a teen I was obsessed with motorcycles. My very 1st motor vehicle was a 1976 AMF Harley Davidson SS125. I owned it for about 1 summer and only rode it in the alley occasionally (when it wasn't broken and I could figure out how to make it go). Actually I remember riding it to the ball park (and IN the ball park) in Bell Isle too. That was before I even had a license to drive a car. I had not owned or been on a motorcycle since then.

This past June, the motorcycle bug bit me again (16 years later!?) and I decided I MUST buy a bike and learn to ride it properly this summer. I bought a bike and riding gear, enrolled in the Motorcycle Safety Foundation course, passed it with perfect scores, got my license... And now I'm terrorizing your roads!

I've intended to write a blog about my new 2007 Kawasaki Ninja for awhile now but have been too busy (lazy) to do so. Down below, I've posted an edited version of Wikipedia's write up about this bike.

The Kawasaki Ninja 250R (or EX250) is a long-standing model in Kawasaki's lineup, introduced in 1986 and still in production as of 2008. It has a MSRP of $2,999. The 250R is marketed as an entry-level sport motorcycle intended for normal use on paved roads. Compared to present industry designs, the 250R is more a "sporty-standard" with a fairing, than a true sport bike, considering its ergonomics, chassis design, and engine placement within the frame.

The 250R is lightweight, weighing just over 300 lb dry. Its 248 cc, counterbalanced, water cooled, four stroke engine is smooth for a twin cylinder. Though it is not exceptionally powerful with 36 hp stock, it can easily maintain speeds in excess of 100 mph with a lighter rider. It can maintain a fuel consumption rating of up to 75 miles per gallon of 87 octane fuel with its 4.8 gallon tank. The 250R has a top speed of about 105 mph (160 kmh). With a small gearing change to keep the spirited engine in it's powerband, it could possibly pull to speeds reaching 115 mph (190 kmh) with a smaller rider.

The Ninja 250 has little direct competition within its class in the US. The main competitors are other 250cc "beginner bikes," namely Honda's Rebel 250 or Nighthawk 250, the Suzuki GZ250, or the Yamaha Virago 250. With the exception of the Nighthawk (a standard), these bikes are all cruisers. None of these bikes can match the Ninja 250's greater power, 14,000 rpm redline, 6-speed gearbox, tachometer, centerstand, or front and rear disc brakes.

Neither the Ninja nor the other 250's have changed much in recent years. That being said, the Ninja 250 enjoys a modest following among riders who appreciate its light weight and nimble handling as an amusing "track bike." The very fact that it hasn't changed much since 1988 means parts are plentiful and inexpensive, and new riders can easily meet knowledgeable enthusiasts in such Internet communities as the Ninja 250 Riders Club (

Engine 4-stroke, Parallel twin, DOHC, Water-Cooled,8-Valve, w/ counterbalancer
Displacement 248 cc
Rated 1/4 mile time 14.3
Starting Electric
Bore x stroke 62.0 x 41.2 mm
Compression ratio 12.4:1
Carburetion Keihin CVK30 (2), Constant velocity, diaphragm-type
Ignition CDI (electronic advance)
option CR7HSA, CR7HIX
Transmission 6-speed, Constant mesh, Return shift
Clutch Wet, Multi-disc, Manual, Cable-actuated
Frame Tubular Diamond design
Rake/trail 27 degrees/3.3 in (84 mm)
Suspension, front Hydraulic telescopic fork
Suspension, rear UNI-TRAK® system with single shock
Wheelbase 55.1 in (1400 mm)
Wheel travel, front 5.5 in (140 mm)
Wheel travel, rear 5.1 in (130 mm)
Tire, front 100/80x16
Tire, rear 130/80x16
Brakes, front/rear Single hydraulic disc
Overall length 80.1 in (2034 mm)
Overall width 28.0 in (711 mm)
Overall height 43.1 in (1095 mm)
Ground clearance 6.1 in (155 mm)
Seat height 29.3 in (744 mm)
Weight dry/wet 304/355 lb (138/161 kg)
Max load 341 lb (154 kg)
Fuel capacity 4.8 US gal (18 L)
Fuel type Min 91 Research / 87 avg. octane unleaded
Oil capacity 1.9 L
Oil type SE-SG Class SAE 10W40-20W50
Performance stats
0-60 mph (0-100 km/h) 5.75 s
1/4 mile 14.6 s @ 88 mph
Maximum speed 105 mph (169 km/h)
Max power 36 hp (27 kW) @ 11000 rpm, 26 hp (19 kW) @ rear wheel
Max Torque 18 ft.lbf (24 Nm) @ 10000 rpm, 14 ft.lbf (19 Nm) @ rear wheel
Fuel Efficiency 55-75 mpg US

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


A djembe (jem-bay) is a type of hand drum that originated from West Africa. They are typically constructed of hardwoods such as tweneboa or mahogony and the head is usually goat skin. The djembe is sometimes known as the magical drum or the Devil Drum and is said to contain 3 spirits: the spirit of the tree, the spirit of the animal of which the drum head is made, and the spirit of the instrument maker. This is my collection of djembes. The largest one is the most recent addition.

Sunday, September 17, 2006


Bushmaster XM-15 E2S, 5.56mm NATO (.223 cal.)

The Plastic Fantastic.

Auto Ordnance M1 Tommy Gun


M1 Garand

The greatest battle implement ever devised.

M1 Carbine

The War Baby

British Enfields

Enfiel No. 1 MK 3

Enfield No. 5 Mk 1 Jungle Carbine

Possibly coolest things to come from France.

French MAS 36

French MAS 49/56

Swede Mauser

Sergeant Hartman (R. Lee Ermey): "You will give your rifle a girls name, because this is the only pussy you people are going to get. Your days of finger banging old Mary Jane rotten crotch through her perdy pink panties are over!" This is a Swedish Mauser M38, chambered in 6.5x55mm. This particular rifle was made in 1898. The rifle's name is Lisa Lynn. No reason given.


I've been trying to be more responsible with my money for a while, and control my impulsive purchases of guns, guitars, or cars, like I have a tendency to do. But I finally broke down and bought another gun today. A German Luger. I've been wanting a Luger for my gun collection for some time now.

These pistols were adopted by the German military in 1908 and were used throughout WW1 and WW2. Of course the most desireable ones were those used during WW2 by the Nazis. Those were the P-08's (Pistole 1908) chambered in 9mm, but mine is actually a 1920's commercial model chambered for 7.65mm. Lugers were highly prized trophies of US soldiers during WW2.

Being an old, somewhat rare, and highly collectible gun, these pistols demand a fairly high price. So needless to say, after purchasing this pistol, I am about broke and I feel guilty for spending so much cash. I would hate to part with it, but if anyone has ever wanted a Luger, feel free to submit a reasonable offer and I may consider parting with it.

Walther Collection

Walther CP99 (BB gun), Walther PP, Walther P38


Top: Mossberg 500AT, 12 GA. 30 IN. Full Choke

Middle: Mossberg 500A, 12 GA. 24 IN. Slugster

Bottom: Mossberg 500A, 12 GA. 20 IN. Cylinder Bore

Marlin Model 336 .30-30 Win.

Most Of My Handguns

.22LR Pistols

Most of you that know me, know that I buy guns... Lots of guns. So I'll tell you a little bit about my latest additions to my collection. A couple weeks ago I bought a Beretta U22 Neos (.22LR) to replace my Smith & Wesson 22A-1 that is kinda messed up. It's a fine little plinker pistol, although it's futuristic appearance is a little goofy lookin' in my opinion. Enough about that...

Enfield P14

The next day I purchased a Winchester P14 (Enfield Pattern 14). These rifles were a British designed, bolt-action rifle that the US manufactured for England during WW1. These rifles were meant to replace the British SMLE (Short Magazine Lee Enfield), which were costlier and more difficult to produce. The P14 later evolved into the US Model 1917 when the US entered the war in 1917. We were faced with a shortage of weapons, and instead of designing an entirely new rifle, the manufacturers; Winchester, Remington & Eddystone made some slight modifications to the P14 to allow these rifles to chamber the American .30-06 ammo, instead of the British .303. The P14 was discontinued and the Model 1917 was born. Both of these rifles were only produced during WW1 but saw action throughout WW2 as well. I'm all about collecting and shooting guns, but the history is just as important to me.


Blowin' shit up makes my naughty bits tingle.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

My New-Old Truck
Current Mood: Retarded
Category: Automotive

OK so it's not a new truck at all In fact it's quite old (13 years?), but it's new to me.

A 1st generation, Chevrolet S-series truck. 1993 S10 Tahoe with; 4.3-Liter (262 cubic inch displacement) V6 Vortec 4300, with TBI (throttle body injection), 12-valve OHV (overhead valves), cast iron block and heads, 165 HP, 235 foot pounds of torque, 4-speed automatic transmission, 2 wheel drive (RWD), 6' bed, 15" steel wheels, and a lustrous navy blue paint job that's 2nd to none. Modifications? I put a toolbox in back and removed a Bush/Cheney bumper sticker so far. Future modifications? Maybe a 350 V8, lowered suspension, alloy wheels and paint when money allows.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Behind the scenes pics of The Net

What was formerly First USA Inc. (1st.Net) has been split into 2 seperate operations. First Net dialup service has been acquired by Sitestar in Lynchburg, VA, on July 5th. The St. Clairsville location that once housed First Net is now ValleyCom dba Qwikhost, and continues to offer Web Hosting, Domain Registration, Domain Parking, Dedicated Servers, Co-location, E-Commerce, and SSL Certificates. Here's a behind the scenes look of my workplace as it was after the seperation. This is where the magic happens. QwikHost has made many changes over the past year and everything has been moved to a new location.

My previous home away from home. I have a new office now.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Big Wheel

I stole Avery's trike.

It's OK. I made it up to him...

Look how much happiness a little firepower can bring to a child.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

My Lair

For no particular reason, here's my room for those of you who've never seen it.

1991 Honda CRX
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Category: Automotive

My 1991 Honda CRX will kick any domestic car's ass and this is why. I have an asphalt-coated big-bore hydraulic roller-upper lifter crane arm, with jet-hot-coated frame piston fronters (very rare option only offered in CRX). Hi-flow random-technology air-breather fuel compacitator. It's got rusty drive shaft coated with gelatinous goo. Custom lamentation filled hi-fuel off-road pipes. Milled and polished flanges also included. For my hi-intensity rocker-pulleys I got a custom ground cam-shaft straight from Africa. I got a highly magniscopic low-fuel (heat resistant mind you) carburetors (they also put one in the Super-Enzo). I have one of those. I have an ivory-coated hi-pressure low-intensity under-arm rhino kenetisizor with 2, 9-inch maining heliotrophic sensors and a hollowed-out piston compressor sodomizer with 16-inch bored microscopic aluminum gasket casing with bullet-proof interior modulator with revolving heads, and intra-revolving hi-intensity fuel injector arms (costs about $6000), and I also have 4 round-tipped gold-plated titanium spark plug resonator valves, and it comes with a variable transmission head gasket bored right inside the left wall. My CRX runs a 6-second quarter mile, and it has 968 horsepower to the rear wheels. I'd like to see any domestic try and beat that, and a bag of chips.

Saturday, October 08, 2011

Niece MacKayla

Hey looky MacKayla is finally on the interwebz. This is old news by now, she's 4 years old at this time. Kay Kay aka. "Krazy Kay" or "Pinky Pie", can sometimes be seen tearing up the back roads on her hog. She's definitely Born To Be Wild!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Niece Mackenzi

My sister Jennifer, and her boyfriend Donnie, had her first child this morning, April 13, 2006. It was a girl. 6 lbs, 9 oz. Mackenzie Frances is her name. I guess that makes me a first time uncle. She's about a year old in this pic and already a Rock Star!