Most of my guitars

New pix in 2012. NEW: Martin, Epiphone LP, Peavey T60, Ibanez.

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[DIR] Parent Directory Updated: 21-Jan-2012 [IMG] The Collection As Of late 2011. [IMG] The Collection As Of Sept 2011. [IMG] Martin SWD-RB Acoustic [IMG] Fender Jagstang [IMG] Fender Stratocaster [IMG] Custom Stratocaster [IMG] Ibanez Gio [IMG] BC Rich guitars. [IMG] Crate Blue Voodoo half stack. [IMG] Dean Edge 6-string. [IMG] Dean Edge Hammer 5-string. [IMG] Dean Evo Special [IMG] ESP F-200 & BC Rich Warlock [IMG] ESP again. [IMG] ESP yet again. [IMG] Galveston 6-string bass [IMG] Galveston, 6-String Again [IMG] My geetarz. [IMG] My Hondo Les Paul Copy [IMG] What my Hondo should look like. [IMG] Johnson acoustic. [IMG] Peavey T-60 [IMG] Peavey Mantis 01 [IMG] Peavey Mantis 02 [IMG] Peavey Mantis 03 [IMG] Peavey Mantis 04 [IMG] Peavey Mantis 05 [IMG] mebcrich.jpg [IMG] Me & ESP [IMG] Me & ESP again. [IMG] Me & Ibanez talman. [IMG] Me & Talman again. [IMG] ... & again. [IMG] Samick 4-string. [IMG] Talman 1 [IMG] Talman 2 [IMG] Talman 3 [IMG] Kay classical style acoustic [IMG] Teisco Del Rey "Vox Phantom Copy" [IMG] Violin [IMG] Violin [IMG] Violin [IMG] Dulcimer

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