Jeff's Collection of Flash Games

Updated: January 17, 2008
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For Best Results: Calibrate your mouse HERE before you play.

Hot Dog Game NEWEST GAME!!!
Exmortis An Escape Game.
The Last Stand Kill Some Zombies!
Kitty Cannon Go The Distance!
Cheerleader Toss 'cause You Always wanted To Toss One.
Unfolding Puzzle Unfold The Lines.
Sushi Restaurant Make Sushi Disappear.
Evel Knievel Honoring The Late Evel Knievel.
The Visitor Be a Parasitic Alien!

Santa Sling! NEW For Xmas.
Snow Globe Of DOOM! NEW For Xmas.

"Pet Memory Game" Made by my friend Brian Smith.
To play: Right-Click HERE, and "Save Target As", to your PC.
WARNING! This is an EXE file. It was safe for me but,
I assume no responsibility for possible damages.
Please use a virus scanner for your PC's safety.
We may work on browser playable version at a later time.